Antioch is not all about "that" sort of Meeting

Nathan & Nina

Nathan Morrow and Christina Preece met and served the community in Antioch, and now they are engaged. Many congratulations!

Our Christian Unity Meeting on 21st January was well attended

Andy and Tim pray from Malcolm's teaching

Before he speaks his message, Malcolm is prayed for by two leaders, Tim from the OakTree fellowship and Andy from Antioch. Leaders from the Jesus Fellowship and the London Network Church were also able to attend, and the building was quite full.

There were a few spare seats, but very few

Members from various churches and fellowships came, and Andy was able to tell us that all the continents were represented in our meeting, but not Antarctica,  . . . .yet! Certainly there were speakers of many different languages, all listening to the message that Jesus has made us one body. To hear Malcolm's word go to the Recordings page.

Many thanks are due to Acton Hill Church for allowing us to use their building for this meeting.

We held Neighbourhood Lord's Day Meals on 16th December

The food was great at Tom & Clare's house

There was great food and fellowship in Boston Manor

Koinonia still had folks around on the 16th

Pete took a great photo of the folks at the Koinonia celebration at OLOL's "upper room"

So we sneaked a photo of Pete into the bottom corner!

Ros leads the story of the birth of Jesus, while the workers relax at the bottom of the photo

We had no balloons this year, but in Acton Ros had us singing the song of Jesus' birth, with lots of audience participation. And superimposed on the photo, we see most of the service team. Georges led an amazing team who fed us very well! Thanks to all who worked hard so we could celebrate!

Adam's Apples sing

Adam's Apples sing for Emmaus House

Antioch's own "a cappella" men's choir sing to raise funds for Acton Homeless Concern on Sunday 10th December. They raised £250 which was gratefully accepted by Deacon Tito, a representative from the parish.

Open air Carol Service

Singing from St Mary's carol booklet

The weather was icy cold, but Antioch members joined the carol service arranged outside St Mary's on Saturday 9th December. Thanks to Dean Ayres for making the arrangements.

Antioch Sunday Meetings

Sound is a serious business

We are grateful to have a team of experts who can not only handle sound on the day, but also make recording of teachings for members to hear at home. See the concentration!

Before the meeting gets underway

As the meeting starts, Jonathan makes the introductions, and the band is ready to lead off with the first worship song. Sound is running well and the projectionist is primed.

We are very grateful to be able to make use of the beautiful premises of Acton Hill Church.

The recent Pastors' Dinner

Members and guests enjoy the food and conversation

While numbers were slightly down this year, as there were clashes for some of our invited guests, the evening was excellent as ever and many thanks are due to those who worked hard to make it go so well.

Andrew relaxes with Alex Afriyie

Alex Afriyie of London Network Church kindly lets us use his building for the Pastors' Dinner, and it is greatly appreciated. The photographer would have liked a little more light!

Our Weekend away

Keith and Catherine

Keith and Catherine catch up at lunch

Buy some Mango jam!

Tom is ready to sell you some delicious mango jam, at very reasonable rates! We tasted his free samples, and if interested get in touch with this website and we can let him contact you

Two happy "uncles"

JP and Serge have a cuddle with a little sweetie!

It takes energy to dance to music from the Jordans!

The dancing instructions on Saturday night were very clear: Have fun!

Some dancers had extra "style"!

With the right music and the helpful instructions, we could all leap around the sports hall, and enjoy the evening, refreshed when necessary with Sprite, Iron Bru and other fizzy drinks!

Michael is going to Derry/Londonderry

David and Michael

Michael, on the right, is now in Derry/Londonderry, while David has gone off to Cambridge.

Mercy, Anis and Anthony wished him "bon voyage"

The party to send Michael off, was well attended in the back garden and we all heard Hugh explain Michael's plans while Anthony, Anis and Mercy listened.

Just a few of the friends who came

Joe P, Alex, Greg and Joe F came to wish Michael well and enjoy the company.

There was food and drink - plenty!

Michael, Catherine, Anna, Sarah and Izzy were there, and in Michael's honour, the rain held off!

Some people over 30!

A few older folks made the party too, but you needed to be "young in heart".

The sirens turned up too

It was great to see Hannah, and in her honour the other young ladies adopted different poses.

We said Farewell to 3 Mission Workers

We said farewell to our Mission workers

We prayed a blessing on the three mission workers, at the end of their year of service. We were grateful for Larissa, Natalie and Peter.

We enjoyed the Hillingdon Picnic on the 15th July

We met as arranged at 5pm in Court Park, and the first task was to set up the gazebo to protect us from the elements. Someone had to take control, so in this case it was Peter, who, instructions in hand, marshalled the workers.

Needless to say, the job was done before long, and had there been any rain, we'd have been protected. As it was the weather was fine and all who came enjoyed the event. But we do have photos of the gazebo!

As well as protection, we had the obligatory frisbee, which kept several folks out of trouble, as they struggled to keep it airborne as it hovered over the grass. Many thanks to the Hillingdon organisers, Tommy & Karen, as well as Jonathan - at a considerable distance - & Caroline.

Peter organises us

setting up the pergola

Some of these helpers seem more interested in watching, than constructing!

The Summer Household sent some folks

Here we see three men from the Servants of the Word "summer household" who came to show the finer points of frisbee.


Some ladies from Hillingdon itself were there, as a welcoming committee, no doubt! It was very good to see them.

The gazebo is up. Who needs it!

Clearly the gazebo was erected, and had it rained, we'd all have sprinted to take cover. No need on a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

Tommy & Chad

A picnic is, of course, an opportunity to catch up with old friends, and this was no different, so we touched base with folks dear to us, and now, because we have a presence in Hillingdon, not quite so far away.

Eating at the picnic - almost

Visitors to this website will just have to believe that the event was a picnic, since so few of these people are seen to be eating. But it was a picnic, and it was great fun!

Our guests enjoyed the Annual BBQ

We had lots of guests

More than 150 people came along to enjoy the conversation, the "catching-up" and the delicious food provided by our members under the direction of our team leaders for the day.

The winning tickets are pulled out

Naturally, no Antioch BBQ can proceed without the free raffle, and here is the team pulling out and announcing the winning numbers.

The food was tasty, and indeed disappeared quickly!

Our guests enjoyed the traditional burgers and sausages, with some exquisite salads, and went on to the desserts. We had suitable drinks to wash this all down. If you missed it, come next year!

We are proud of our youthwork, and the tireless workers

Georges and Nat advertise pingpong at the LivingRoom

Georges and his team have just finished a week of work with our young people - the Antioch/Living Room service project, and here he is with Nats doing a bit of enticing advertising.

Some of us went to Rome for the first weekend in June

3 Potters and 2 Turners

Tim and Mimi went to the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Rome and here they are with Hugh and Mercy, with Judy too!

We don't have photos of all of us who went, but Joe & Katrina, Tony & Mary, Bruce, Danielle & Cesar were there too!

Georges, Justyna and Bob, with Farhat family members

Georges and Justyna were there too, sitting here with some family members, and Bob! A conference is tiring, and a you do need a break, for fellowship.

The Farhats, with some friendly musicians

Needless to say, Georges made friends with lots of new people, especially musicians! I suspect that they sang Alabare!

We celebrated the Seder in April

Andy speaks about predictions of the Exodus

No, we don't have three Andys but here we heard several recorded predictions from Ancient Egypt, well before the Exodus, which used numbers to explain disasters about to overpower the kingdom, and which would then let the Israelites go free.

The queue for dessert

All hands on deck to serve the delicious deserts on offer, most of them home made.

After the meal, it's time to chat

A nice glass of wine, or fruit juice, good company, and time to celebrate together.

The ceremony is over

We have enjoyed the ceremony, and now it's time to catch up and relax.

John and Amy have moved on

John and Amy moved on They have arrived

We were delighted when we heard that John and Amy were moving temporarily to London for John's work, but the time has been really short and they have moved on to the next stage. We miss them and want them back soon!

The Acton Good Friday Walk of Witness

Tony Dollar prepares to carry the tall crossLuke holds the cross

For 40 years Tony Dollar has carried the tall cross up the High Street in the Walk of Witness and we see Luke with the newer cross built some years ago by Trevor.

Old panels carried down the road

For many years we have carried these messages of salvation down the High Street. Next year we will have "better, newer" ones, but the message is still the same.

Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life!

Songs and Encouragement

We heard songs, scriptures, watched spiritual dance and then drank tea and coffee together in fellowship. Thanks to London Network Church for this provision!

Crowds listen to the speakers outside St Mary's

Over 400 people walked up the High Street, witnessing to the message of Good Friday, that Jesus died for our sins so that we could be made righteous with the Father.

The Kairos Weekend in February was a great success

People in Portugal at the Kairos Weekend

A great contingent of Antioch folks attended the Kairos Weekend in Portugal, along with many young people from other Sword of the Spirit communities in Europe and the Middle East. We thank all those who worked hard to make it a great success, relationally as well as spiritually. If you want to know more, ask someone who was there!

Lord's Day Meal

Nathan and Ralph led us at the Lord's Day

Ralph and Nathan led our worship at the Lord's Day celebration on the 18th February, while others were serving at the Youth:link weekend away. Andy gave an update on the Servants of the Word, and we enjoyed delicious food provided by a team led by Angela.

The food was great, espcially the salads - not shown here!

Who needs the usual service team, when we get smiles like these and very tasty food? Needless to say, it went very quicly and the desserts were really delicious too!

Valentine's Day Meal

The cooks and workers

When Elizabeth P chose to raise money for a gap year by offering a Valentine's Day meal at the church centre, she was sure of a good turnout and therefore a bit of help for her gap. Hugh, Mercy, Catherine, Natalie, and a brother or two helped, as well as a team of charming waitresses, but where's Elizabeth?

We had commitments to the Community in December and January

More commitments and re-commitments

On the 8th January we had a spate of more commitments to Antioch, and here we see Ann and Natalie, about to reaffirm their commitment and Mailys, Larissa, Emzo, Andrew and Judy making their initial commitment. We went on to celebrate at the Servants of the Word house.

Val makes her public commitment

Some young people made initial commitments on Sunday 11th December, and Val made her public commitment, to our great joy!

There was a Women's Breakfast on 9th December

May, Veronica and Fiona wash up

Sarah spoke about her time in Mozambique and Cambodia, and there was a great breakfast. And then there was clearing up, as ever. Thanks to all who lent a hand. Here we see May, Veronica and Fiona.

Antioch ran the Annual Acton Pastors' Dinner

Andy speaks to a couple of guests

After an introduction and welcome from Andy, and some worship songs led by Elinor, we settled in our places to eat a delicious meal, prepared by Antioch members, and served by young men from our youth team.

Here, Andy and Clare speak to Ruth and Ray from the Acton branch of the Jesus Fellowship

Jesus Fellowship and Focolare were guests

The guests and Antioch members have eaten the first course, and are waiting to be called for dessert!

Berrymead Evangelical Church were represented as well as OakTree, and Focolare

The dessert has arrived and it was absolutely delicious, with plenty of choice.

The queue for dessert

While waiters hover in the background, guests and Antioch members queue for the delicious desserts.

We spent our anniversary weekend together

Some played football in the afternoon, while the talent scouts inspected the players and their skills.

Choosing the best players!

Some young women exercised more sedately

Elegant dancing

Some relaxed just having a chat!

A quiet chat is also refreshing!

The Scots showed us all how to dance, at the Ceilidh, run, as usual by Tommy and Karen.

Scottish dancing - as it should be done!

We had various acts for the entertainment on Sunday afternoon, and here we see Mailys preparing her song.

Mailys prepares while James adjusts the drum kit

Georges married Justyna

Georges and Justyna celebrated their wedding three times, in three different places.

The guests had a great time!

Here is the Acton celebration

We went to Poland for Dalej! and World Youth Day

In the prayer tent

  • Our prep week, in the last week had around 120 people gathered for training and preparation for the conference.
  • Then they became 480 people from 40 nationalities.
  • There were 28 Servants of the Word brothers here (at all stages of commitment) and 4 Bethany sisters.
  • We had a significant focus on ‘unity’ on the Sunday – my impression is that there is new grace for this, both in understanding and in terms of something like an ecumenical encounter.
  • Mission: Around 20 young people came together for a dinner to discuss the idea of a new mission community in Derry / Londonderry. We sent them home to pray, to talk to their local leaders and to consider coming to our December weekend where we will move it to the next stage.
  • Haifa: 31 young men and women from Haifa were with us for 24 hours. It was an extremely positive connection with this new young group of students. They are currently discerning next steps in their relationship with us.
  • Archbishop Georges Bacouni was able to visit and say a brief word on Wednesday morning.
  • Poland: Andrzej Golik gave a presentation on Covenant and a brief history of our work in Poland. Significant for Polish in particular. And especially for the Krakow group – there are 50 of them here.
  • Vienna: 15 young people from the group in Vienna were there – we will talk about the next steps. That is not clear yet but there is a lot of openness.
  • Jeff Fountain YWAM was also with us for 2 days. He gave one presentation on mission in Europe calling us to hope – “God is not finished with Europe yet”.
  • Pete Grieg, founder of 24-7, also gave a video message to the conference. His word: the young people of the Sword of the Spirit with dirty knees and dirty hands – on their knees in prayer and building with their hands.

Andy meets a Patriarch

Andy and the Patriarch of Antioch

Andy Pettman was recently invited to speak at the annual Global Syriac Orthodox Youth conference in northern Holland, through his connections with Syriac Orthodox members of our sister community the "People of God" in Beirut. About 170 people attended, primarily aged in their twenties, coming from the Middle East and India (the two main historical locations for this denomination), and also from countries where Syriac Orthodox have moved over the years due to the situation in the Middle East (particularly The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden but also the USA, Turkey and Australia). Andy spoke on servant leadership.
The conference was attended by many senior church leaders including the Syriac bishops of Iraq, Netherlands and Germany, and, as in the photo, the senior bishop for the church, who is actually based in Damascus, His Holiness Moran Mor, Ignatius Aphrem II, who (despite his address) carries the ancient title the “Patriarch of Antioch”.

Together for Europe

One of the sessions at Together for Europe

The attendees at a prayer meeting in the "Zirkus Krone" in Munich where Christians from many different churches and fellowships came together for two and a half days to proclaim their unity, despite the differences of the past. They affirmed their determination to work together to achieve the unity which Jesus calls us to.

Andy led a session on "The soul of Europe"

Here we see Andy who led a forum on the topic "Does Europe have a soul?" The presenters spoke in French and Italian, which was translated into English and German. It was fascinating, but you needed to concentrate!

Antioch like to celebrate

Karen arrives for her surprise party

We don't need a special reason to get together and celebrate, but the birthday of a youth worker means we have to get the young people out and, in this case, run a barbecue.

Before the community meeting starts, and after

The band rehearse

The band always arrive with plenty of time to prepare and rehearse.

The sound team deliberate

The new sound system needs a bit of getting used to, but it's smaller and much better technically than what we are used to.

Two subjects, and two interlopers

When you take a photo of two people, sometimes two more spring up and join in the photo!

Two friends of Antioch, very welcome at the meetings

The meeting is over, the refreshments have been consumed, and we're on the way to closing down and going home.

A dad and his two lovely daughters

A dad sits with his lovely daughters, and the photographer decides not to take any more photos against the bright light from the window!

Men's Breakfast 7th May 2016

Simeon and Michael cooked the food

The noble cooks arrived early in order to provide a sumptuous breakfast, but they used the ingredients they found! The 30 or so men who came, from Antioch and some friends from the Jesus Fellowship, did not complain, but had a good time of fellowship together.

  (But please spare the sausages next time.)

Some happy eaters!

After the meal we had some words of encouragement from Arthur - after we had watched a short video of Justin Welby* urging us to pray during the next week for 5 friends - and then a powerful time of worship, led by Tommy and Hugh. 

* This is the website referred to by the Archbishop of Canterbury 

European Football tournament - 1st May 2016

Antioch's football team

Our valiant football team travelled out to Munich, the home of the Bread of Life Community, to wrest the trophy from last year's winners who snatched victory from Antioch while on our pitch! Alas, Charis Community from Belfast managed yet again to be the victors.

Of course, there was some relaxation.

It would have been churlish not to taste the local food and drink.

Sarah's Advance Birthday - 30th April -2016

Dan & Daniel Sing "America"

In honour of Sarah's approaching birthday the family held a party with entertainment. Here, Dan and Daniel gave us a very faithful rendition of the Simon & Garfunkel favourite, America. The editor of this website has a recording which doesn't do justice to the performance.

Anna and Mailys sing in French

Alas, the lighting was arranged more for atmosphere, and less for photos when Anna and Maïlys sang a gentle French song. Even if we didn't understand it, we enjoyed the beauty of the singing.

Daniel, David, Mary and Bronte singing

Among the delights of the evening was a rendition of "God so loved the World" and again, the poor lighting did not prevent our enjoyment of the song.

Good Friday 25th March 2016

Richard instructs the stewards

Once more our team of 16 stewards was led by Richard, who explained the detailed plan, and appointed leaders equipped with the walkie-talkie radios, so they could move the people efiiciently and safely up the High Street to Acton Hill Church.

Potters and friends wait to set off.

Mica and Christina join Catherine and Elizabeth before the March sets off. There were around 250 people at the start, and more joined the march as it progressed up the road.

Young Stewards get their instructions

For the newer stewards - as well as James in the background - this was a chance to serve on a special act of witness on a very special day. Richard talked them through their responsibilities.

The march sets off

Alex led us in prayer at the beginning of the March, then, as usual, Ros led us all in a couple of songs after which we took the many crosses, and set off up the High Street, guided by the stewards.

Ros and Don played us up the road

Ros and Don continued the accompaniment as the people made their way up Acton High Street.

We thank Ealing Council once again for giving us permission to hold this important act of witness to our Christian heritage. Needless to say, those people whom we spoke to on the way were well-disposed to our march, including our Muslim friends.